05. 09. 2022
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gitamini IRLL: Collin Parker


A Q&A with gitamini owner Collin Parker, who works as a Program Manager, living the local life in Austin, TX. 

Neighborhood: East Austin

Robot: gitamini in Boardwalk Beige

Longest gitamini trip: 2+ mile walk along Austin’s Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

Favorite place to bring gitamini: A small park near my house is a great way to take a break between virtual meetings, and gitamini is always ready to accompany me if I need to keep my hands free. 

Times per week using gitamini: about three times per week 

Nickname for gitamini: Haul & Oates

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

East Austin is an eclectic and welcoming neighborhood where old meets new and there’s no shortage of things to do. I especially love that East Austin values authenticity.  

Can you give us your top 3 favorite local shops/small businesses in your neighborhood?

Grab a gourmet coffee at Flitch, scale the walls of Austin Bouldering Project, and enjoy duck-fat fries at Salty Sow 

What’s your favorite gitamini feature?

I really like gitamini’s carrying capacity.

What do you like most about gitamini’s design/aesthetic?  

I like how gitamini responds when standing up from the parked position, letting the user know it’s ready to go. 

What kinds of comments do you get from strangers when out and about with gitamini? How do you respond? 

I did not expect so many strangers would stop and ask questions, but it’s been a fun part of the gita journey. Many ask, “Is that robot following you?” or “Is that a robot cooler?” I always respond with a laugh and an explanation. 

What’s the largest item you’ve ever had gitamini carry?

gitamini was able to carry a load of landscaping gear to follow me as I worked around the house.

If more people lived the gitamini lifestyle (i.e. walking rather than driving), how do you see that benefiting communities?

Commuting with a gitamini rather than driving has the obvious benefits of improved physical fitness and a reduced ecological footprint, and it is even an effective relationship-builder. I can think of few better ways to meet friendly strangers in one’s city than by strolling around town with a robot. After a few walks with my gitamini and dozens of conversations, I am even prouder to be an Austinite. 

Have a question for a gitamini owner? Let us know and we’ll ask our community.

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