07. 05. 2021
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gita® IRLL: Domingo Gonzalez


A Q&A with gita owner Domingo Gonzalez, Sales Supervisor, dad, and tech enthusiast living in Round Rock, Texas (an Austin suburb).

Neighborhood: Paloma Lake, Texas

Time logged with gita: 13 hours 

Longest gita trip: 3 miles

Favorite gita accessory: IGLOO® cooler 

Favorite place to bring gita: community lake

Biggest item carried: son’s play tent

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

Proximity. I love my neighborhood so much! Though it is an Austin suburb, I love that everything I want and need is close by. We have a lake in the middle of our neighborhood with a walking trail that is 1.25 miles around that is part of my daily routine. Literally just walking my neighborhood makes the day go by so much better.

Have you given your gita a special name?

The Rock. I am a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson and frankly in Thunder Gray it just felt like a great fit.

What are your favorite activities to do with gita?

Picnics & outdoor workouts. Picnics and workouts are my favorite activities so The Rock comes in handy to make the .6 mile walk to the lake from my front door.

Where are your favorite places to bring gita?

Community lake. Between workouts at the park area there and hanging out with Indiana [Domingo’s son] in the “wild,” it's a wonderful place for us to get outside and take little adventures.

How has gita made your daily living easier? 

Better, easier walks with the baby. As a parent, I found myself wanting to go on walking trips with my son but we don’t always like to use the stroller as it can be a bit cumbersome, though we found we had to if we didn’t want to lug around the baby backpack and more. Now I can just strap him on my chest and put all of our stuff in gita like his diaper bag, play tent, and anything else we need. 

What’s the largest item you’ve ever carried with gita?

Play tent. I took my son’s play tent with us to the park, which is great because now I don’t need to drive us there, or use his giant stroller.

How many times a week do you use gita?

2-3 times a week. Summers are hot here in Texas so it’s critical for me to get out early for those workouts, and we will most likely pause on some of the mid-day picnics with my son since he is only 8 months right now.

What’s your favorite feature about gita?

No phone necessary. My favorite feature on gita is that I do not have to have my phone on me to use it. I can just load it up, click a button and go.

What do you like most about gita’s design? 

Its shape & curves. The shape of gita is very nice and I do love how it has curves to it, which to me gives it some personality. This could have been easily designed as a block on wheels but the overall appearance does make me feel like it's an old-school camper on wheels, similar in nature to an Airstream camper.

If more people lived the gita lifestyle (i.e. walking rather than driving), how do you see that benefiting communities? 

Anything we can do to eliminate any form of emissions can make a difference. Honestly, even with the people who fish around the lake, walking that short distance versus driving would help so much. Every little action we take makes an impact on our environment. Global warming is real and it is impacting us in so many ways that anything we can do to eliminate any form of emissions can make a difference.    

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