03. 28. 2022
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An afternoon with gitamini

Featuring chef and restaurant owner Jordan Andino

Jordan is the Executive Chef and Owner of Flip Sigi, a Filipino taqueria with locations in the West Village, Jersey City, and Chicago. Jordan loves to spend his weekends visiting his neighborhood farmers’ market, stocking up on fresh produce, and cooking up meals in his Brooklyn apartment. Read on for how Jordan spent an afternoon in New York with gitamini and his corgi Gnocchi.

City: Brooklyn, NY

Robot: gitamini in spark citron

Longest gita trip: 1 hour

Favorite place to bring gita: local farmers’ market

Times per week using gita: ~once a week

Biggest item carried: grocery haul


Jordan planned his menu and powered up gitamini for a walk to the farmers’ market, leaving his tangled mess of totes bags behind. 

gita tip: gitamini can hold up to 20lb and can operate with its lid open to accommodate bulkier items, so you don’t have to worry about lugging home your haul.


As Jordan headed out into Brooklyn, he carried his bot down his apartment stairs before walking to the market. 

gita tip: About the size of a medium-sized dog, gitamini doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home. It can easily fit under a desk or even a chair for discreet storage.


An avid walker, Jordan took the long route to the farmers’ market, strolling through a neighborhood park with gitamini in tow.

gita tip: gitamini uses computer sensor vision in order to see its surroundings and pair to its user, so it can easily navigate crowded city environments. 



Jordan’s corgi, Gnocchi, is always by his side, and the best part of adding gitamini into his routine was seeing how easily his dog bonded with the bot.

gita tip: gitamini communicates through lights and sounds developed by Berklee College of Music. The robot’s beeps and boops make it hard to resist.

With gitamini, you’re no longer limited in how far you can travel or what you can carry on foot—not to mention an afternoon of errands is easier and more fun with a following robot in tow.

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