02. 28. 2022
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An afternoon with gitamini™

Featuring master DIYer Deanna Dunn

Deanna and her husband James are masters of renovation (of both vans and homes), and they love exploring new places in their refurbished sprinter van. They’re both tech enthusiasts, always on the hunt for new products that aid with their projects. Read on for how Deanna spent an afternoon in Pasadena with gitamini, including a high tech assist on her latest DIY project. 

City: Pasadena, CA

Robot: gitamini in spark citron

Longest gita trip: 1 hour

Favorite place to bring gita: local hardware store

Times per week using gita: ~once a week

Biggest item carried: yoga mat and picture frames


Deanna started her day with a dose of mindfulness, throwing yoga gear in gitamini (mat included!) and walking to her favorite studio for a yoga class. 

gita tip: After class, Deanna stopped to grab a coffee and charge her phone. gitamini is equipped with a USB port, so you’ll never be left stranded without a full charge.


Next up, Deanna took gitamini to her local hardware store to mix color for an upcoming DIY project.

gita tip: gitamini can hold up to 20 lb, so you don’t have to worry about lugging home your haul. gitamini’s cargo bin will do all the carrying for you.


Back home, Deanna put the finishing touches on an indoor decorating project, while gitamini followed along carrying frames, tools, and decor. 

gita tip: Narrow hallways are a breeze for gitamini. This bot is the perfect size for navigating indoors.


Deanna and Jordan ended their day with a friendly game of tennis at a nearby court.

gita tip: gitamini’s dynamic following technology makes cleaning up tennis balls after a game a breeze.

With gitamini, you’re no longer limited in how far you can travel or what you can carry on foot—not to mention an afternoon of errands is easier and more fun with a following robot in tow.

For more from Deanna and Jordan, follow their van life adventures on Instagram and TikTok.

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