05. 23. 2022
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Spend Memorial Day Weekend with gitamini

Memorial Day is coming up and that means a long weekend, time off to relax, and the unofficial start of the summer season. With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect excuse to spend some extra time outside. We put together an itinerary on how to get the most out of the upcoming long weekend and how you can bring gitamini along for the ride. 

  • Go for an early morning walk around your neighborhood before it gets too hot to get your blood pumping and set the tone for the day! Walking can improve mental clarity and set the foundation for a great day. gitamini can follow you along on your travels and can carry your water, a speaker, a sweatshirt, or anything else!

  • Grab a coffee and/or breakfast at a local coffee shop and take the time to enjoy it outside rather than at home. Bring gitamini with you on your walk over and fill it up with a book or the newspaper that you can read while you sip.

  • Take a stroll to a local park and find a picnic spot for lunch. Pack some snacks, drinks, a picnic blanket, etc. in gitamini and bring your friends and family to enjoy lunch out in the fresh air.

  • Check out what activities your city has going on this weekend! Many cities have things like music festivals, farmers markets, flea markets, etc. that go on in the summer months. gitamini lets you bring anything you may need for a full day of outside activities while allowing you to stay hands-free. 

  • Walk to a different part of your city that you don’t normally visit and see what you’ve been missing! The long weekend and the great weather is a perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and check out something new! There’s always more to discover and gitamini makes it easy to do so.

  • Walk to the grocery store and pick up some items for a backyard BBQ! gitamini can hold up to 20 pounds so you can enjoy the weather on your walk to and from the store without worrying about carrying heavy bags. 

The possibilities on how to spend your weekend are endless and gitamini makes it easy to have a fun and stress-free weekend. Get outside, spend time with friends, family and neighbors, and enjoy kicking off the summer season with gitamini.

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