11. 23. 2021
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PFF holiday gift guide: the 6 unique tech gifts on our wishlists

The 6 gadgets every techie should own

Smart, innovative tech is what we’re all about at Piaggio Fast Forward. As the leader in following technology, we’re always keeping an eye out for other pioneers breaking new ground in the tech space. Whether you’re searching for a unique gift for the techie in your life or for an innovative gadget to add to your own collection, our short-list of the most unique tech gadgets of 2021 will help you find what you’re looking for:

 1. Most innovative air purifier: Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

  • Leading innovation: Awair uses a signature design of a fan and laser sensor, allowing you to track 5 key environmental factors that affect your health including temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOCs, and PM2.5.

  • Why we love it: It syncs seamlessly with your Alexa and Google Assistant, helping you maintain a healthy indoor environment.

2. Most innovative home exercise tech: the Mirror

  • Leading innovation: The Mirror is an interactive smart gym that gets to know its owner. The Mirror’s proprietary optimization algorithms deliver real-time feedback based on your goals and preferences for maximum results in minimal time.

  • Why we love it: The Mirror completely blends in and takes up very little space (just 2 feet), making it perfect for small space dwellers.

3. Most innovative robot: gitamini, the latest following robot by Piaggio Fast Forward

  • Leading innovation: gitamini is a robot designed to have pedestrian etiquette. It uses Piaggio Fast Forward’s proprietary dynamic following technology to take in information about its surroundings and react accordingly, and respectfully.

  • Why we love it: gitamini’s compact design is the perfect size for navigating indoors, making tight spaces like elevators, narrow hallways, and busy shopping aisles a breeze.

This week only, buy 2 gitamini robots and save $400 at shop.piaggiofastforward.com.

4. Most innovative coffee mug: Ember Mug2

  • Leading innovation: The Ember Mug2 uses smart LED technology to indicate when your beverage has reached its perfect temperature. The built-in battery keeps your beverage warm from 80 mins, up to all day when placed on its charging coaster, and intelligently senses when to turn off.

  • Why we love it: The ultimate work from home luxury, this smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. 

5. Most innovative entertainment: Oculus Quest 2

  • Leading innovation: The most advanced all-in-one VR system yet, Quest 2 features a redesigned all-in-one form factor, new Touch controllers, and their highest-resolution display ever.

  • Why we love it: With a vast library, innovative controls, and an immersive VR experience, this is the best gaming device out there.

6. Most innovative wearable fitness tracker: WHOOP 4.0

  • Leading innovation: With all-new features including a pulse oximeter, skin temperature sensor, and health monitor, WHOOP 4.0 is the wearable tech brand’s most innovative release yet.

  • Why we love it: WHOOP 4.0 is a personalized 24/7 digital fitness and health coach.

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