06. 27. 2022
4 min read

How the gitamini community uses their robots

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with gitamini making it the perfect accessory for anyone such as tech adopters, young families, small business owners, etc. Take a look into the gitamini community and see how they use robots to improve their everyday lives. 

Meet Kimberly

@itskimtish, a gitamini owner and influencer, living the local life in Santa Ana, California. 

About Kimberly’s gitamini: boardwalk beige named Pickle 

Kimberly’s favorite thing about her neighborhood: It’s central to every city neighborhood

Kimberly’s top 3 local shops/small businesses in her neighborhood: 

Kimberly uses her gitamini about 2 times per week and uses it mostly for trips to the farmers market and grocery store. Along the way she often gets stopped by curious strangers and loves to give them a demonstration on gitamini!


Meet Jen

@momlifepnw), mom and blogger based in the PNW, living the local life right outside of Seattle. As a mom of 4, Jennifer loved the thought of being fully hands-free (no diaper bag or anything) with gitamini.

About Jennifer’s gitamini: Spark Citron named Jessup

Jennifer’s favorite thing about her neighborhood: the walkable streets and small town vibe

Jennifer’s top 3 local shops/small businesses in her neighborhood: 

Jennifer uses her gitamini weekly for trips to other nearby cities and neighborhoods such as Edmonds, Washington. gitamini comes in handy by carrying all of Jennifer’s diaper bag items. 

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