Lineup of gitas

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First-of-their-kind cargo-carrying following robots

Better for you, better for the environment

For every mile you walk instead of drive, you reduce your carbon footprint by one pound.

Man walking with gitamini following behind him

Sleek & Smart

Cleverly designed curvature for optimal navigation, even on busy sidewalks

Colorful Living

Choose from vibrant, eye-catching colors to richly refined shades

Highly Enlightened

Communicates through colored lights and lighting patterns

Custom Sounds

Developed by Berklee College of Music in Boston

Smooth Moves

Self-balances, adjusts speed and brakes automatically

Intuitive Tech

Follows with just a tap, adjusts speed every step of the way

Read our testimonials

Man meditating on a boardwalk overlooking a river next to a boardwalk beige gitamini.

gita IRLL: Domingo Gonzalez

I can just load it up, click a button and go.”

Man walking along a river with a spark citron gitamini following behind him.

gita IRLL: Brian Kirchner

gita’s sound and aesthetics are endearing and make me want to turn it on.”

Woman walking along a city sidewalk with a midnight blue gita following behind her.

gita IRLL: Kirsty Papadopulos

This all of a sudden makes boring walks exciting for my kids again.”


Starting at $1850
or $64/month

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